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To be the leading Financial Institution in entrepreneurship building in Myanmar



To empower entrepreneurs
and to generate employments in order to upgrade their living standard
through access to financial services in sustainable manner.

Company Background

SATHAPANA Limited founded in January 2015 by MARUHAN Investment Asia Pte. Ltd. and obtained Temporary Licence in June 2015 to operate Microfinance Business with 15 million US Dollars authorized capital.

The name “SATHAPANA” derived from SATHAPANA Bank Plc. which is one of the leading banks in Cambodia, born out of the merger between a bank (Maruhan Japan Bank Plc.) and a leading Microfinance Institution (SATHAPANA Limited, Cambodia). The word “SATHAPANA” means “to build or to construct” in Cambodian language.

The subtle LOGO change is it represents mount Fuji, a widely recognized symbol of Japan, where our shareholder is, and as a source of solidity, and harmony. The Hexagon rim of crest represents the honeycomb structure of a beehive, nature of ideal storage of valuable assets. Its strength is re-enforced when multiple hexagons are placed next to one another, dispatching the company’s ability to service to its customers through its branch network. The crest also represents vault, or a safety deposit box and five shades of blue are the reflections of the blue sky it is a sign of modernity and progress.

SATHAPANA Limited began its microfinance operations in August 2015 with four branches in Yangon, Bago, Mandalay and Ayeyarwady regions. The institution obtained permanence license in July 2016 and proved its financial strength and commitment to Myanmar economic development through fully injection of 15 million US Dollars authorized capital in FY 2016-2017.

Over the past 3 years, SATHAPANA Limited has made a remarkable growth in human capacity and financial capabilities and claimed to be the top 2 microfinance institution in term of loan portfolio at the end of FY 2018-2019.

Core Values

CORE VALUES are the operating philosophies or principles that guide employee’s internal conduct as well as their relationship with customers, partners and other stakeholders. SPN has defined its own statement of core values as below: 

MORALS – To be decent citizens, all SPNM’s staffs are expected to abide by the local laws and regulations to avoid committing crimes, corruptions or any illegal activities. Staffs have to communicate with people in a kind and gentle manner at all circumstances in order to earn more recognition and respect of the societies.

ADORATION – SPNM’s staffs should always show great love, admiration, and respect for people in general without discriminations or treating people unequally. They must be those who are honest and willing to forgive, encourage and look at each other’s work and criticize it for better improvement.

COOPERATION – There must always be close cooperation between colleagues to achieve the common goals. Cooperation is to be built by SPNM’s staffs in order to maintain good liaison with such targeted people as clients, local authorities, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Staffs are encouraged to participate in contributing ideas or making some decisions.

SERVICES – Service is a kind of invisible things that responds to the needs of customers, colleagues and other stakeholders. All stakeholders, especially customers shall be deserved professional service as possible as SPNM could do. The professional customer service training shall be delivered to all staffs of SPNM.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP – Entrepreneurial spirit of either clients or employees shall be renovated from time to time. Capacity development, commitment, ambitious and willingness to generate higher income are the spirits of entrepreneurship that SPNM’s commit the best to mainstream into its operation in order to make all stakeholders succeed in sustainble manner.

Client Protection Principles

Being as the responsible financial institution, SATHAPANA Limited Myanmar protects its Clients, Business and Microfinance Industry. We understand the importance of following the core Client Protection Principles, the minimum standards that should be provided to clients by financial service institution. With strong belief that protecting client is not only the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do, SATHAPANA Limited Myanmar practices the core Client Protection Principles, encompasses the following area. 

1. Appropriate Product Designs and Delivery 

SPNM has taken special care in designing of its financial service product with consideration of the characteristics of clients. Our product and delivery system meet customer’s needs and unique requirements, safe in transaction and there will be no harm to them. SPNM actively and spontaneously listen to the needs of the clients and seek their feedback by various ways. SPNM practices thorough and proper loan assessment without using of aggressive sales techniques. 

2. Prevention of Over-Indebtedness

SPNM takes adequate care in its loan assessment and process so that clients do not borrow more than their requirement and capacity to payback. SPNM management board is aware and concerned about the risks of over-indebtedness and care always about the quality of loan. Moreover, SPNM consistently care not to try to induce clients by overselling to enter into an obligation which offers no obvious benefits but merely over-indebtedness. 

3. Transparency

SPNM takes great care to ensure that clients are fully informed the nature of their obligations and in particular the interest, the other fees and charges. SPNM will not levy hidden charges. SPNM will communicate clearly and provides timely information in a manner with the language clients can understand so that clients can make informed decisions. SPNM comply with all financial rules and regulations of Myanmar and is doing transparent business with commitments.

4. Responsible Pricing

The pricing, terms and condition should be set in such a way for both affordable to clients and SPNM to be sustainable in long term. We, SPNM takes the interest rate and service charges which have been officially set and approved by FRD. 

5. Fair and Respectful Treatment of Clients

SPNM clients are treated fairly and respectfully without discrimination, regardless of race, religion, color and gender. Communicating to people in courteous and gentle manner at all circumstances is one of the core values of SPN’s HR policy and all SPNM staffs follow and practice the same. SPNM ensure that its staffs show love, admiration and respect for people in general and maintain professional relationship with customers. SPNM takes great care about the customer rights and full information has been provided to customer always.

6. Privacy of Client Data

The privacy of individual client data such as personal and financial data will be respected and kept as confidential. Such data will only be used for the specified purposes at the time of information is collected (or) as permitted by law. Otherwise SPNM shall take the consent of the clients. 

7. Mechanisms for Complaint Resolution

SPNM has placed proper, responsive and formal customer complaints channels to resolve both individual problems as well as to improve its products and services. The complaints boxes are placed in all branches to accept the complaints letters of customers who have grievances. SPNM staffs are well trained for complaints handing and there is regular meeting of Complaints Handling Committee at SPNM HO for which complaints are beyond their capacity to solve. 



MARUHAN INVESTMENT ASIA PTE. LTD. (the “Company”) was incorporated on 31st January 2012, having Company Registration No. 201202241N. The Company is a private limited company incorporated in the Republic of Singapore. The immediate and ultimate parent of the Company is MARUHAN Corporation, incorporated in Japan.

The registered office of the Company is located at 6 Temasek Boulevard, #29-00 Suntec Tower 4, Singapore 038986. The paid-up capital of the Company was USD195.84 million as of 31st December 2016.

The principal activity of the Company is that of investment holding for commercial banking and microfinance business in the ASEAN region. The Company also provides management services to its subsidiaries and MARUHAN Group companies in the region. As of 31st December 2016, the Company had the following direct subsidiaries:

(1) SATHAPANA Limited Myanmar

  • Micro Finance Institution in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
  • Paid-up capital USD15 million (99.99%).

(2) SATHAPANA Bank Plc.

  • Commercial bank in the Kingdom of Cambodia.
  • Paid-up capital USD120 million (100%).
  • SATHAPANA Bank Plc. has a representative office in Yangon, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

(3) MARUHAN Japan Bank Lao Company Limited

  • Commercial bank in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic.
  • Paid-up capital USD37.5 million (99.99%).

(4) MARUHAN Myanmar Company Limited

  • Consultancy services company in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
  • Paid-up capital USD3.5 million (99.99%).

(5) MARUHAN Investment (Cambodia) Company Limited

  • Land holding company in the Kingdom of Cambodia.
  • Paid-up capital USD20,000 (49%).

The Board of Directors of the Company as of 31st December 2015 were:

  • Dr HAN, Chang-Woo, Chairman
  • Mr HAN, Ken, President & CEO
  • Mr HAN Yu,
  • Mr HAN Koh,
  • Mr OGURA Keita
  • Mr ISHINURA Mitsuru

Organization Chart

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