Board of directors

Dr. HAN Chang-Woo, Director

Japanese, Dr. HAN Chang-Woo is the founder, Chairman and CEO of MARUHAN Corporation of Japan, which operate and manages a variety of entertainment/amusement facilities such as golf courses, driving ranges, bowling alleys, game centers, restaurants and pachinko parlors (Japanese pinball). He founded MARUHAN Corporation in 1957 and made its business grow rapidly to earn over USD25 billion of annual sales. MARUHAN Corporation is known as the leading company of the industry in Japan. The success in the company’s business growth comes from his strong energy towards pursuing customer satisfaction and high challenging spirit. Currently, he has been actively participating in several associations and working as Administrative Director of Han Chang-Woo Tetsu Cultural Foundation, Director of the Kyoto UNESCO Association, Administrative Officer of the Kyoto Chapter United Nations Association of Japan, and Director of Tokyo Philharmonic. He obtained the Bachelor of Political Economics degree from Hosei University in 1953.

Mr. HAN Ken, Managing Director

Japanese, Mr. HAN Ken joined MARUHAN Corporation in 2000. Since he was appointed as Director of MARUHAN Corporation in 2007 and then Managing Director in 2014, he has been responsible as Chief Finance Officer looking after Finance and Accounting of MARUHAN Corporation where its business is expanding globally. He also serves for the group’s ASEAN business activities as Director and CEO/President of MARUHAN Investment Asia Pte. Ltd., which is a Singapore-based financial headquarters of MARUHAN Japan ASEAN Financial Group, Director of SATHAPANA Bank Plc., and Director of MARUHAN Japan Bank Lao. He obtained his Bachelor of Law degree from DOSHISHA University in 1997.

Mr. HAN Yu, Director

Japanese, Mr. HAN Yu is President/COO of MARUHAN Corporation, leading 15,000 employees, and keeps MARUHAN Corporation as the leading top company in the entertainment industry in Japan, and shares the vision of making MARUHAN Corporation as a world-class entertainment service company. He joined MARUHAN Corporation in 1990, working at several important posts such as Business Executive Chief and Managing Director, he was appointed as Vice President in 2006 and President in 2008. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Hosei University in 1988.

Mr.WATAHIKI Susumu, Director

Mr. WATAHIKI Susumu joined MARUHAN Corporation in March 2014 and currently serves as Senior Executive of SATHAPANA Bank Plc. and Chief Representative of SATHAPANA Bank Plc, Yangon Representative Office. He has a background of corporate financing, investment banking in various Japanese, European and American banks. He has a Bachelor of Art from Keio University, Economics.

Mr. Norihiko Kato, Director

Japanese, Mr. Kato has been a director of SATHAPANA Limited Myanmar since November 15, 2016. He has extensive banking experiences over 30 years. He started his career at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. (BTMU) and took positions in Tokyo, New York, Amsterdam and Bahrain in corporate banking, HR, planning and management. He left BTMU in 2009 and worked for Khan Bank LLC in Mongolia as Senior Advisor. Then he joined M&A team of Minebea Co., Ltd. in 2010. Mr. Kato returned to Mongolia and ran Khan Bank, Mongolia’s top commercial bank strong in retail and SME banking, as Acting CEO in 2011 and then as CEO from 2012 to 2016. Prior to being appointed as CEO and director of SATHAPANA Bank Plc., he was Head of Overseas Financial Business of MARUHAN Corporation. He got BA in economics from University of Tokyo and MBA from Anderson School of Management at UCLA.

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