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Farmers with good plans are welcomed to our Agriculture Loan. With the loan, farmers can finance in buying seeds, fertilizer, modernizing agricultural machineries and equipment, or raising livestock, etc. to either diversify or improve agricultural activities for increasing their agricultural production. The loans are provided with flexible repayment methods based on real seasonal cash flows of the agricultural activities.

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Astute entrepreneurs, who aim at maximizing profit through realistic expansion plans on existing business or a viable start-up plan for new investments, find that access to our Business Loan for any business needs always experiences flexible realiability and convenience. Our business loan will open opportunities for your business to leverage through solving its financial difficulties or investing in capital expenditures or working capital.


Improvement of household welfare is now affordable with our Consumption Loan. Realize your dreams through access to the loan for improvement of your home, purchasing of car, motorbike, equipment of your home, purchasing of car, motorbike, equipment and furniture etc. as well as for household healthcare and education purposes.

loan typeIndividual loangroup loan
Loan Size10,000,000 ks1,000,000 ks
Period24 months12 months
Interest Rate2.5 % per month/ 30% per annum2.5% per month/ 30% per annum
Upfront Fee1% of disbursed amount1% of disbursed amount
Repayment ModeMonthlyMonthly



  • Age over 18 years old
  • Have own residential address
  • Have sufficient repayment capacity
  • Have good background, chacteristic and willing to pay back
  • Have no willing to move residential address

How To Get Our Services

  • Go to any of our offices that is nearest to you
  • Contact our staff directly
  • No brokers or intermediaries required
  • No commission or charges to be paid other than what mentioned in our price list

Require Document

  • Copy of national registration card (NRC)
  • Copy of household registration card
  • Residential address acknowledgement letter
  • Borrowers' photo (Optional)
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