Number of Staff for Internal training


Number of staff for external training


Number of Effective Branch Management Training


Number of New Recruits Training

Recruit Training

On boarding tools are provided to newly recruited employees in order to help them to fully understand on company’s policies and

The recruits training followed by on-the-job training is provided to all recruits by all relevant departments under the facilitation of Human Resources Department to prepare them before they take on their roles and responsibilities so that they can perform well from the beginning.

Refresher Training

This training program is designed to keep employees up with the new updates or development of the company. Each and every department will be responsible to refresh staffs on any changes in their policies.

Successor Training

Effective Branch Management Trainings are provided to supervisor level of employees and the program is designed to equip our employees with new hard and soft skills through coaching, trainings, and scholarship program to secure the need of human capital and to provide them with career development opportunity.

Training for Trainers

This program is designed in aiming to improve the quality of internal training by providing our company’s trainers with better training skills and knowledge. This program is conducted by collaboration with professional training organizations from outside.

Recent Trainings

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